Your Condo Association is only as successful as the effectiveness of your Property Manager.  It is our goal to gain the trust of our clients by the efficient and effective management of their resources and assets, as well as providing a personalized level of service that distinguishes us in the property management industry.  We are committed to accessibility and pride ourselves in quick response to the inquiries of both Owners and Trustees.  We return phone calls in a timely manner, and whenever possible, on the same day. We consider our firm to be the caretaker of your peace of mind and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Our Property Management Commitment

Gemini Property Management is committed to offering the highest quality personalized management services in Massachusetts.

We accomplish this with a well-conceived Property Management Plan and the following Goals:

  • To maintain and improve real estate market values
  • To perform our fiduciary role as entrusted by the Trustees
  • To operate within the budget of the Association
  • To reduce the need for special assessments
  • To respond promptly to the requests of the Trustees and Owners
  • To deliver lifestyle/operations expectations
  • To provide cost effective, prompt maintenance and emergency services
  • To operate effectively within our limits of authority
  • To provide a network of quality and dependable service providers
  • To facilitate harmony, security and well-being in the community

Your Condo Association is Only as Successful as the Effectiveness of Your Property Manager

Gemini Property Management, LLC serves its condominium associations using the principle of stewardship. We are referring to stewardship as the old fashioned concept of taking care of someone else's property as if it were your own. Condominium board members and residents can take comfort in knowing that someone is looking out for their property in a manner that reflects their values.

Our management approach respects the homeowners' investment in their property, and the valuable time of all the board members who volunteer their efforts on behalf of all the residents.

Some Of Our Properties